Westomatic Introduce their Largest Screen yet with the Launch of the Sigma Café

Westomatic have launched their brand-new Sigma Café with an extra-large 20-inch media screen leading the way for retail vending. With an increased demand for fast, easy-to-use, coffee shop quality drink machines, the Sigma Café offers the perfect solution – the collaboration of quality, functionality, and design.

0609 Westomatic

The new 20-inch HD media screen is the largest in the Westomatic range and is one of the biggest in the market available today. The screen brings even more advertising potential by playing video adverts, company messages, promotional images and more!

As well as media potential, the machine is available in either the Café or Sigma Family branding as standard. The attention-grabbing Café branding is designed for retail venues as it promotes the fantastic drink quality and will be sure to stand out. The Sigma family branding offers a more conservative look which is perfect for professional environments such as offices and meeting rooms. There is also the opportunity to customise the Café with a brand of your choice to represent your company or perhaps the branded products inside.

Functionality is a huge part of what makes the Café so appealing. The 12 touch sensitive button menu selection uses the latest technology to create an easy to use and simple method of selecting your drink. The menu can also be customised with additional options such as syrup shots and decaffeinated coffee to give customers the extra variety of choice. With drink choices such as frothy cappuccinos, hearty espressos, milky vanilla lattes and delicious hot chocolates, the Café has all the offerings of your local coffee house with the practicality of a freestanding unit.

Westomatic are very proud of the latest addition to the Sigma range as it offers the perfect solution for retail environments with simple functionality and great tasting coffee!

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Westomatic MD, Richard Brinsley, receives prestigious industry award.

At NIVO’s annual Supplier of the Year 2015 Awards event in Leeds on 16th March, Richard Brinsley accepted a prestigious and unexpected special recognition award.

Graham Kingaby, Managing director of NIVO says of the award, “We wanted to present this award in recognition of Richard being an industry stalwart, who has always worked hard to innovate. Westomatic have, at the direction of Richard, stolen a lead on several occasions over the years and they continue to innovate to this day. We congratulate Richard for decades of commitment to our industry and we are delighted to present the Special Recognition Award to him.”

Indeed, his dedication to the industry has spanned 5 decades, with Richard having started at Westomatic in 1966, the company’s founding year.

BREAKING NEWS: Exclusive Service FIRST From Westomatic!

A New & Exclusive Service from Westomatic

Westomatic Vending Services have been working hard behind the scenes recently to bring you another first in the industry! We’ve been listening to our customers and working on improving our service and, more specifically, our returns procedure for warrantied parts.

We feel it is important to get any faulty parts back to us quickly and efficiently, firstly to avoid our customers being charged for defective parts but also to ensure we can get the parts back to us quickly in order to examine the fault and work with our suppliers to deliver constant improvement and reliability.

With this in mind, Westomatic are pleased to introduce a new, streamlined process for defective warranty part returns. The process in 6 easy steps:

Parcel Holders Deal.png
There is no need for parcels to be transferred from engineers to head offices or for engineers to find couriers and arrange delivery notes whilst on the road. We really want to make it easy for the engineers to return the parts so our customers are not charged for warrantied parts when they are not received back within the standard 30 days.

Andrea Goswell, Commercial Director at Westomatic, explains the reason behind arranging the service; “We had been receiving feedback that the process of returning faulty parts, across the industry, is overly complicated and when it does fall down, it is difficult to assign accountability. We listened to what our customers have been saying and we took a new concept to Parcel Holders and asked them to work with us to deliver it. We have worked to streamline the process of returning parts and we are really demonstrating clear commitment to service in our industry. We are happy to announce that we are now ready to launch the new service from Monday 14th March.”

Sarah Brumpton, Westomatic’s After-Sales Coordinator is especially excited about this exclusive arrangement and says, “We are already ahead of the curve by making the decision not to invoice for warrantied parts. By securing this exclusive returns deal with Parcel Holders, it cuts out even more of the returns process and means that our customers know where the parts are at all stages. There is never a ‘middleman’ or a requirement to move the parcel between depots – the replacement part goes straight to the engineer; the faulty part comes straight back to us. Simple!”

Westomatic are continually searching for ways to increase their level of service and their desire to secure this service for their customers has pushed this new concept into fruition. Due to Westomatic’s key role in bringing the concept to them, Parcel Holders have offered Westomatic 12 months’ exclusivity on the arrangement, pushing Westomatic further ahead in its service and customer care levels. Parcel Holders and Westomatic are the ideal partners for this service, as both companies are keenly customer service orientated and are working to ensure the best possible service is available to their customers.

New Brewer means new Business

The main high street coffee chains, including Starbucks, Costa and Café Nero collectively take in £6.3 billion a year from British consumers.

The Huffington post reports; “Britain collectively spends £122 million a week on their takeaway coffee fix, with each coffee drinker spending £393 each year and £15,725 throughout their entire lifetime.”

It’s safe to say the UK are serious about their coffee and will pay for the quality.

Charlotte Summersby, Marketing Executive for Westomatic comments: “When I go into a coffee shop, I know what I expect! I expect an experienced barista to grind fresh beans as I wait and deliver me a high quality drink as I’m paying a high price. Now I no longer need the Barista! I get the precision, quality and same great taste time and time again from our new espresso brewer!”

The new 10 bar pressurised brewer from Westomatic has been built and designed in the UK and tested in Italy. The inbuilt coffee doser measures the exact amount of coffee desired whilst the air break and volumetric counter ensures every 7 grams of espresso has 25ml of water. These elements combined will enable every customer to experience a level of precision that no barista can compete with – all in a fraction of the time.

Richard Brinsley, Managing Director of Westomatic commented: “Many years ago we moved vending from the stereotype of ‘wet and warm’ and since then we have progressively stepped up the level of quality to meet consumer demands.

With this new espresso brewer, available to our Sigma hot beverage range, we can now surpass consumer expectation.

Features such as the inbuilt tamper and doser act like a Barista within the machine delivering a consistent, great drink every time and will enable our operators to charge those higher prices and comfortably compete with the high street.”

The level of quality coffee that this espresso brewer produces will take vending to the next level opening doors to sites that operators were previously unable to convince and charge prices £1.50 and higher.

The UK has become a nation of coffee connoisseurs and will pay a decent price for a decent cup of coffee. With this new espresso brewer combined with the reliability and quality of a Westomatic machine, operators will be able to take a bigger slice of that £6.3 billion pie!

Drinking Trends are Changing!

Drinking trends are changing! Creamy lattes and early morning shots of espresso are still an everyday essential but it is no surprise that this nation of tea drinkers is embracing a new trend of speciality teas.

The UK has been a lover of tea for the last 350 years and the popularity of herbal and infusion teas has soared in the last 15 years.

Quick Bite magazine, the UK’s largest Food-to-go magazine commented: “Gone are the days of “milk and two sugars” and instead the age of rooibos, peppermint and gunpowder tea is here.”

Even Tetley, one of the biggest names in tea with over 175 years of brewing experience have ventured into the infusions market.

With a growing trend such as this and recurring messages of healthy living surely we have a new opportunity in vending?

In 2012 we were the first UK vending machine manufacturer to bring touch screen technology to the vending market and now we will be the first to bring up-to three tea options with our Sigma hot beverage range.

With adjustable canisters, timings and gram throws the Simplicity, Touch and Light hot beverage machines can deliver two excellent fresh brew teas such as peppermint and breakfast tea alongside a mixed fruit tea as an instant.

Daniel Graham, Managing Director of Imporient, the company that owns Birchall commented: “I’m delighted that we have been able to work with Westomatic and assist with this development. Industry studies show consumption of premium and speciality tea is growing rapidly in the UK and Westomatic’s innovative approach recognises this trend. I welcome the efforts they have made to provide customers with an extended range of best-in-class tea solutions that satisfy both increased demand and higher taste expectations from consumers.”

The three tea option will also be a key feature on the NEW Westomatic Coffee To Go Retail Unit that utilises the touch sensitive Sigma Touch.

Richard Brinsley, Managing Director commented: “The Coffee To Go Retail Unit has been specifically designed to create a one-stop-shop for all consumer needs and tastes. The addition of multiple teas will enable operators to generate bigger revenue, meet customer demand and compete with the high-street offering. The Sigma Range will also provide the additional teas* and we hope this creates further opportunity for the vending market.”

Click here to visit our website for more information on the three tea option and the Coffee To Go Retail Unit:http://bit.ly/1Kb36EK

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Westomatic are short-listed in The Manufacturer MX Awards 2015

Westomatic has been short-listed in The Manufacturer MX Awards 2015, sponsored by NatWest and will now go head-to-head with manufacturers across the country for the Award for Supply Chain Excellence.

This is the first year that The Manufacturer of the Year Awards, run by The Manufacturer, and the Manufacturing Excellence (MX) Awards, run by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, have joined forces to form The Manufacturer MX (TMMX) Awards.

The national awards, celebrating the best in the manufacturing sector across the UK, will be held in Birmingham in November.

Richard Brinsley, Managing Director of Westomatic commented: “Over the last few years all manufacturers have struggled with the recession and we are now beginning to see improvement in the economy. In May 2014 we implemented a new SAP Business One computer system which has enabled us to strengthen our manufacturing processes and reporting, and improve efficiency and lower costs. We are currently introducing two new high-tech hot drink machines that will enable our customers to compete favourably with the high street brands and thereby increase profitability.

 We work closely with our suppliers who provide considerable help during the design process and this short-listing recognises the importance of investment and partnership in the manufacturing process.”

 Nick Hussey, CEO of Hennik Group, publishers of The Manufacturer magazine and organisers of the awards said “It is an incredible achievement to have been short-listed – these are the largest and most rigorously judged awards in the sector so any company being short-listed will have provided evidence to the judges of a superior level of understanding of what makes modern UK manufacturing so vibrant and competitive.

Manufacturing is very much alive and well and the short-listed companies are exemplars of what advanced manufacturing looks like in terms of sustainability, innovation and world class competitiveness”.

Richard Hill, Head of Manufacturing at NatWest, said: “We are delighted to continue our support of The Manufacturer MX Awards – celebrating some of the best achievements from across the industry.

“The awards are an incredible reflection of the diversity, innovation and expertise that British manufacturing has to show. NatWest has long been involved in the manufacturing industry, with teams across the UK dedicated to supporting our manufacturing businesses.

“I’d like to wish Westomatic the best of luck and congratulate them for their nomination and contribution to the sector as a whole.”

Westomatic Coffee To Go Retail Unit challenges the High Street!

Coffee served in the vending sector has seen a significant upturn in demand by its customers and consumers alike. Gone are the days of ‘wet and warm’ (a term used to describe instant coffee) served in a plastic cup for up to 10p that had been the mainstay of vended coffee since the 1960s.

Over the past 4 years instant coffee consumption dispensed through vending machines has declined by 2.5% year on year whilst roast and ground and espresso bean coffee has had double digit growth. This combined with the introduction of paper cups, skimmed milk granules and state of the art vending machines has motivated consumers to pay far more for a cup of premium coffee

The emergence of self-help coffee kiosks developed by Coffee Nation in the late nineties saw a network of self-serve, gourmet coffee-to-go stations in supermarkets, service-stations and airports across the UK. In March 2011 the business changed hands when Whitbread/Costa rebranded it as Costa Express.

Westomatic have seen the opportunities to develop a range of cutting edge coffee equipment in the work place and OOH environment, and have developed self-serve gourmet coffee-to-go units in numerous locations where consumers demand quality coffee on the go. Customers are happy to pay up to £2.50 for a quality coffee and are influenced by a brand they know and trust.

Regional vending operators are under threat from the Costa Express roll out of approx. 3000 sites in the next 4 years. Hospitals, Colleges and Universities, leisure and facilities management companies are the prime targets.

In 2012 Westomatic developed the Sigma Touch the first stand-alone vending machine with a touch screen for selecting a coffee and in 2015 they developed a coffee kiosk offer that would rival any Costa Express.

Richard Brinsley, Managing Director of Westomatic Vending Services commented; “Vending operators have ‘upped their game’ and are now ready to compete. Touch screen machines with advertising and messaging are now being installed in many airports, forecourts and other public locations and the users are seeing the benefits of a 24 hours a day, reliable vending service with great tasting drinks.”

Tony Smith, National Sales Manager for JDE Professional commented: “Douwe Egbert’s have been privileged to work with Managing Director Richard Brinsley of Westomatic in providing Espresso beans to ensure Equipment can be calibrated to offer the optimum quality espresso shot that, combined with milk granules, and served in an insulated paper cup would easily sell for £2.00 or more and compete in quality terms with any high street coffee operator

Douwe Egbert’s know that associating their brand with Westomatic equipment gives all vending operators the opportunity to defend their business against the high street brands. I am sure that there will be numerous coffee concepts which look authentic but will lack the power of a credible brand that is respected and trusted by consumers.”

Operators who develop their coffee offer along these premium coffee lines will win new customers serving quality coffee from what consumers considered was an acceptable coffee to the specialty coffee revolution. This is a far cry from the days of ‘wet and warm’ in a plastic cup and gives every regional operator the chance to compete on all levels with the high street revolution.

Written in partnership with Tony Smith, National Sales Manager for JDE Professional

For more information on the Coffee To Go Retail Unit please call +44(0)1626 323100

Double your Money with Westomatic Refurbishment!

Vending machine refurbishment is special to Westomatic as this is where they started almost 50 years ago. From the days of refurbishing milk vending machines in the sixties to the high-end snack and hot beverage machines we see today, Westomatic has built up years of expertise remanufacturing not only their machines but also the machines of other manufacturers.

Led by Commercial Manager Andrea Goswell, the eight-strong refurbishment team of 5 Assemblers, 1 Tester and 2 Paint Sprayers has over 71 years of combined experience. With their considerable knowledge the team dismantles a machine down to its nuts and bolts, resprays the cab exterior and door assembly using the latest equipment, replaces at least 50% of old parts with new and makes further improvements e.g. adding features such as remote controlled, interchangeable LED lighting to a Crane Bevmax machine.

Richard Brinsley, Managing Director for Westomatic commented: “We don’t just refurbish, we remanufacture! As the only new machine manufacturer in the industry to offer this service, we have the in-house designers and technical support to make improvements beyond a machines original specification so we can go the extra mile!”

Andrea Goswell, Commercial Manager commented: “Quality, clarity and customer satisfaction is of upmost importance to us. I enjoy working closely with our customers to understand their requirements to develop their own specification and source machines if required which is why we are becoming the preferred supplier for much of the industry.

We pride ourselves on the full door to door package we offer. From your initial order we collect from any depot within the UK for FREE using our own fleet of lorries and highly trained drivers and deliver your newly refurbished machine to your door ready to earn you money for the second time!”

Tracey Graham, Managing Director of Abercromby Vending and customer of Westomatic commented:  “The most important part of a refurbished machine is that it works first time. This is why here at Abercromby we continue to use Westomatic refurbished equipment for the quality and reliability we receive. They have previously refurbished our own machines and returned them in such good condition that we have managed to prolong the life span by at least another 5 years.

It is reassuring to work with a manufacturer who understands that a machine just can’t look good on the exterior, but also has to be great on the inside which in our professional opinion is more important. Westomatic are always our first choice in this area of purchasing equipment, whether it be refurbished or new.”

For more information on our refurbishment services please call our Commercial Manager Andrea Goswell on +44(0)7970 577610

Not Cheap, but Cheaper!

Price is often the first thing we all look for when making a purchase. We then weigh up the brands, what we can afford and hopefully from there find the product that suits us best.

This is no different for a vending machine.

There are a lot of cheaper vending machines available in the market and they do a great job for the first few years before we see them arrive at our factory for refurbishment. We see machines as young as three years old needing full refurbishment including a respray and new parts. Some machines are built in such a way that makes them unsuitable for refurbishment at all.

So ask yourself – Is it really a cheap machine?

Customers expect great quality drinks and reliable machines. They don’t appreciate repeated faults, operator visits or the hassle of having their machine taken off site for repair or refurbishment. Is it worth going cheap to gain that initial contract only to lose it?

This is why our pricing is competitive but not always the cheapest and there is good reason for this!

Our machines are solid, hand built in the UK with good quality materials so they produce great drinks time and time again. For example our trusted Solo Encore has been in production for 15 years and is so well built is still coming in for refurbishment and lasting another 5 years in the field. We are about to introduce a new Solo Encore back into our range due to demand.

When designing our latest machines with interactive touch screens we made sure the design, construction and software was created with longevity in mind. We update our software to include new languages and advertising features and when choosing our machine materials we specifically chose to work with hardened acrylic, not glass, so we can print full door graphics and have the ability to cut for any payment systems or add-ons.

The same ethos applies to our imported table top and snack machines. We only import from good quality suppliers that produce machines that are reliable, robust and can meet the demands of the hardest sites.

So let’s do the maths!

Add up the cost of regular engineer visits to an unreliable machine with the cost of refurbishment and multiply this over a number of years. Then add the projected loss of losing that site.

Finally ask yourself can you afford not to buy a Westomatic machine?

Want to make more money?

Advertising is big business especially Digital Out-of-home advertising. DOOH UK sites such as digital billboards are set to grow more than 40 percent between now and 2020 according to Kinetic Worldwide. The outdoor market’s annual sales is currently around £1 Billion and expected to rise by 35 percent by 2020.

“Digital advertising is no longer just a luminescent board attached to a landmark.” – Exterion Media

So with a growing market as lucrative as this how can you afford not to choose the Sigma Touch. The Touch not only produces great drinks, syrup shots and all the choice you would get on the high street, it also opens the door to additional revenue. If you are already making profit on a busy public site why not make further margin utilising the 19-inch touch-screen and the captive audience stood waiting for their drink?

Give us a call today to find out more about the advertising features, inbuilt telemetry and advertising management site available with the Sigma Touch.

Call +(0)1626 323100 or email sales@westomatic.com

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